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MIGAL Galilee Research Institute

The Israeli-Bavarian RegenAg Challenge

Utilizing living labs to catalyze the transition to sustainable agriculture


The Israeli-Bavarian RegenAg Challenge seeks to accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices through innovative solutions from the global AgTech community. Focused on real-market needs, this challenge will address key themes identified by industry partners.

The winning companies will secure a funded Proof of Concept (POC) at MIGAL’s living lab and gain access to a global network of multinational corporations and cooperatives.

Garden Soil

Regenerative Agriculture is the Soil-ution

A holistic & economical approach to restore ecological balance through sustainable farming practices:

Minimize soil disturbance

​Maximize crop diversity​

Keep the soil covered​

Maintain living roots year-round

Integrate livestock

Your Next Testing Ground.

MIGAL, in collaboration with Granot and the Upper Galilee Regional Council, is part of a European consortium led by EIT Food. This consortium aims to establish living labs in six countries to advance carbon farming and regenerative practices. Each lab will feature up to 20 research plots developed with local farmers.


Join Our Unique Program

Participating startups will benefit from


Access to global challenges


Real-world testing environments


Extensive research infrastructure


Guidance and feedback from mentors


Corporate partners are essential to the success of the RegenAg Challenge.

Get Involved and Make an Impact: Corporate partners play a crucial role in designing and launching the challenge, mentoring innovative startups, and judging and selecting winning solutions.

Your Benefits: By partnering with us, you will access innovative solutions tailored to your needs, engage with top startup applicants, and feature in program events and marketing materials.

Partner Responsibilities: As a partner, you will help define your company's needs, provide a dedicated point of contact, offer mentoring hours, and collaborate with winning startups. 

Dry Clay


1 September 

Challenge launch

Mid September (TBD)

Launch Event

1 November

Application Deadline

1-15 November

Evaluation & Selection


Startup Program (2 months)


Demo Day


POC Phase

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