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Aquagro Fund (AAF Group)

The rounds we invest in:

Round A, Round B, Round C, Round D & Late Stage

Scale of Investment (in $):

1-20 M

Ag-Tech companies in our portfolio:

Evogene; Rootility; Tomaisins, Transbiodiesel, Kinrot, Enzymotec

Average amount of investments per year:

Our added value is:

Aquagro Fund (AAF Group)
History of successful investments and supported by best in class industry experts: 1. Principals have managed over $750 million in dedicated private equity commitments 2. Principals have a realized track record with exit value in excess of $4 billion 3. Fund is follow-on to successful Aquagro Fund I 4. General Partners were involved in IPOs on NASDAQ and M&As in the fields of Agriculture, Nutrition and Water 5. The General Partners have significant experience working with strategic partners: Relationships with investors include Bayer, Boeing, Cargil, DSM, Henkel, Hitachi, Johnson & Johnson, Monsanto, Nestle, Novozym, Sony, General Mills, Unilever and WalMart
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