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Good Seed Ventures

The rounds we invest in:

Seed, Pre-Seed, Round A

Scale of Investment (in $):

4 mUSD per annum

Ag-Tech companies in our portfolio:

SuperMeat (cell-based chicken)
Finless Foods (cell-based tuna)
Meatable (cell-based meat)
Legendairy Foods (dairy proteins made from cells)
Vly Foods (plant-based dairy alternative)
Yofix (plant-based dairy alternative)
Kuleana (plant-based tuna alternative)
Planted Foods (plant-based chicken & kebab alternative)
Illucens (industrial insect technology for animal feed)

Average amount of investments per year:

Our added value is:

Good Seed Ventures
Our family has been building and running industrial food production plants for over a century. This gives us a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the food industry. We share our experience, network, and technological know-how to accelerate the supply of nutritious and safe food for everyone. We believe food science will enable current and future actors in the food industry to respond to climate change. We founded Good Seed Ventures to create a more sustain­able food industry. We will do this in three ways: from the past, we bring know­ledge and under­standing of the food industry; for the future, we promote revolut­ionary advances in food production; and today, we’re working on building a network of partnerships with a shared vision for creating a more sustain­able food system.
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