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Mindset Ventures

The rounds we invest in:

Seed, Round A, Round B

Scale of Investment (in $):


Ag-Tech companies in our portfolio:

Taranis, SeeTree, Telesense, Fieldin

Average amount of investments per year:

Our added value is:

Mindset Ventures
Mindset Ventures has a solid track record in Israel and in the U.S., and is the only fund with an office in Brazil that invests in these two countries. We understand that anything we can do to support our startups' growth will contribute to a chain of positive impacts that involve the invested company, our investors and our selves as an institution, so we constantly look for being as close as possible to our entrepreneurs to help them achieve their results. Aligned with that, one of our key differentials is opening doors in Brazil to our invested startups that want to explore this market, and having a Brazilian partner to introduce and guide them through their first steps in the Brazilian ecosystem is crucial (currently approximately one fourth of our invested companies already operate in Brazil). As a consequence of such continuous effort, we were recently awarded twice in a row one of the most active VC Funds by the IVC Research Center.
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