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Orbia ventures

The rounds we invest in:

Seed, Round A, Round B, Round C

Scale of Investment (in $):

$1M - $6M

Ag-Tech companies in our portfolio:


Average amount of investments per year:

Our added value is:

Orbia ventures
We’re a $7B global multinational that is passionate about solving the world’s biggest challenges. We are a large enterprise that has built a dedicated innovation team with a culture that works at the speed of our startups. Orbia operates across 50 countries, with sales in over 100 countries, 22,000 employees, 136 production plants, 19 R&D labs, and 8 training academies. And finally, we have an ecosystem of innovation activities designed to accelerate success for Orbia and the startups with whom we work. Included within this ecosystem is Orbia Lighthouse, our internal innovation engine in collaboration with IDEO. The lab is launching bold new ventures to address global challenges using design-thinking methodologies and the deep knowledge of our business groups.
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